Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cub + Cabin

Cabin + Cub is a design company based in Vancouver, Canada. Some of the products that will be available at Toque this year include a line of fine art prints and collages, woodburned art panels, as well as stationary and gift items.

heyday designs

heyday design currently has two bodies of work on the go: the first is a series of slipcast porcelain vintage canning jars and the other is an ever growing collection of accessories (earrings and brooches mostly) made from various patterns found on the bottom of vintage glass pickle dishes. translating these patterns into porcelain, shadow gets to play a significant role where it couldn't in the glass original. as well, designs and patterns that are frequently being relegated to the thrift shop donation bin can be appreciated as fashion instead.

Contexture Design

Our work emphasizes simple, elegant and sustainable design, and is often inspired by reclaimed materials with historical, cultural or environmental significance. Our projects transform waste into new products while maintaining a connection to the original source material.

Dives In

One of a kind collages made from sustainable and thrifted materials for children and adults.

FairyCake by Hatty

Delicious cupcakes!! Beautifully made from scratch with quality ingredients. Topped with eye-catching treats.

A Farmer's Daughter

Allee Wells

Broken English

rex lavado and lindsay rankin are broken english silver goods.
paper airplanes, sewing needles and shotguns are familiar artifacts from a colourful childhood memory.
whimsical pieces created in silver and bronze, we focus on making original pieces that bring joy to ourselves and hopefully to others. We look forward to seeing you again at toque this year...oh and new pieces will be on display!

Crooked Walker

denise cordrey, sterling silver

Gailan Ngan Ceramics

Hand & Shadow

Kajola Morewood

Perro Verlag & Friends

Perro Verlag & Friends will have two full tables of books, Hell Passports and letterpress postcards at Toque!

Piece of Cake

Simply Read Books

Sporty and Squeak

The Beautiful Project

Thistle Town Studio

Track and Field Designs